Poltrona MILANO – Eredi CALOI, 2018

Famiglia di sedute per cinema e comunità         The Milano armchair is characterised by the shape obtained from the curvature of the superficially treated different layers of beech plywood with an opaque varnish and open pores. Particular attention has been paid to designing the opening angle between seat and backrest, a fundamental Leggi di piùPoltrona MILANO – Eredi CALOI, 2018[…]


CityLife Anteo – Milano Shopping District, 2017

Public Venue for Cultural Activities – Historical Building Conversion         The ambition of this project is to propose the Anteo format, developed in the years of collaboration between the Riccardo Rocco Architetto studio and Anteo, in a newly built mall in the Milan city centre. The multiplex is part of the Citylife Leggi di piùCityLife Anteo – Milano Shopping District, 2017[…]

Palazzo del Cinema

Anteo Palazzo del Cinema – Milano, 2016

Public Venue for Cultural Activities – Historical Building Conversion         The project is a comprehensive refurbishment of a large multi- functional public building located in via Milazzo 9 / piazza XXV aprile 8. The intervention includes the new space division between the cinema and the existing police station after the Manzoni School Leggi di piùAnteo Palazzo del Cinema – Milano, 2016[…]

Ascenso Pagani

Private House – Vignale Monferrato, Alessandria, 2015

Private residential building – New building         The project foresees a newly built single family house structured according to the traditional tecniques of lower Monferrato. This new building is situated in a rural area below the hill of the historical centre of Vignale Monferrato The house is presented in a simple linear Leggi di piùPrivate House – Vignale Monferrato, Alessandria, 2015[…]


Private house – Orta San Giulio, Novara, 2011

Private residential building – Recovery of attic         The small apartment building “Le Rondini” is part of the historical centre of Orta san Giulio, in the middle of the east shore of the lake, inside the medieval core of the town characterised by small pedestrian streets. The project was strongly influenced by Leggi di piùPrivate house – Orta San Giulio, Novara, 2011[…]

Co-housing – Vignale Monferrato, Alessandria, 2008

Private residential construction – Recovery of a rural building with Arch. Maria Chiara Casolo and Arch. Marco Prusicki The project is located on a site previously designed for a never completed three detached house complex. The intervention proposes a co-housing complex for six families. The design was guided by the rhythm of the existing architectural Leggi di piùCo-housing – Vignale Monferrato, Alessandria, 2008[…]


SpazioCinema Anteo – Milano, 2003

Public Venue for Cultural Activities – Reconversion from cinema hall to multiplex , with arch. Giovanni Ballini     Apollo cinema in Milan, built in the 50’s, was a key element of the urban, architectural and functional redesign of the area at the time. This refurbishment project was the chance to have a new cinema Leggi di piùSpazioCinema Anteo – Milano, 2003[…]


Cinema Anteo – Milan, 1997

Public Venue for Cultural Activities – Extension from cinema hall to multiplex , whit arch. Cesare Serratto     The refurbishment and extension project of the Anteo cinema is made of two new projection rooms that together with the existing one (a former theatre with stage and scenic tower), a restaurant and a specialized cinema Leggi di piùCinema Anteo – Milan, 1997[…]


Private house, Milano 1993

Private residential construction – Recovery of industrial building in the residence         AInside an industrial complex, the project transformed a space previously used as a bookbinding area of a medium size publishing company into a private apartment. The intervention respected the existing shapes and seeked to provide comfortable traditional housing requirements. A Leggi di piùPrivate house, Milano 1993[…]