Cinema Anteo – Milan, 1997

Public Venue for Cultural Activities – Extension from cinema hall to multiplex

, whit arch. Cesare Serratto


The refurbishment and extension project of the Anteo cinema is made of two new projection rooms that together with the existing one (a former theatre with stage and scenic tower), a restaurant and a specialized cinema book shop offers a complete experience to the users.
The reuse of a water collecting room, built in the 30s next to the existing projection room is the starting point of the proposal. In this big room the structure of the new projection rooms were built, with a special focus in the aesthetics and acoustic comfort.
The design of the project with its forms and materials focusses on his high comfort level.
The refurbishment on the former theatre (sala quattrocento) was characterised by the same rules, the balcony was modified to guarantee the best visual relation with the new screen; the stage area and the scenic tower host the new restaurant. A new corridor was obtained in the space between the water collecting room and the former theatre hall to get from the original atrium to the new projection rooms and the restaurant.
The bookshop was organised next to the entrance hall, facing the public street in order to make it commercially independent from the cinema activity.
The entrance roof on the street was extended to protect the ticket office and to be seen from the main street to remark the entrance. The interiors want to offer a domestic feeling in which the public would represent the focus of the movement. In order to achieve this familiar feeling and to work in continuity with the existing spaces, warm colours and sober decorations were chosen avoiding monumental elements and technologic solutions.