Co-housing – Vignale Monferrato, Alessandria, 2008

Private residential construction – Recovery of a rural building

with Arch. Maria Chiara Casolo and Arch. Marco Prusicki

The project is located on a site previously designed for a never completed three detached house complex. The intervention proposes a co-housing complex for six families.

The design was guided by the rhythm of the existing architectural volumes of the shapes that compose the space: two storey house, porch and single floor garage element. These elements fit in with the surroundings and are typical of the farming complex and the classical designs of the old labourers houses.

The material choice came from the local cromatic tradition, red bricks and tuff blocks to become precasted concrete elements and simple bricks.
The two storey element is emphasised by the wide porch that becomes a terrace on the upper floor.
The same ideas are used for the design of the pool area.