Day Off-Smemoranda – Milan, 1999

Commercial premises – Set-up of a single-brand showroom

  • day off esterno

The outcome of the project and design under Riccardo Rocco’s supervision is a neutral space for what concern the walls, the flooring and the ceiling of the shop, characterised by the simplicity of the lines for each of the volumes used to define the given spaces.

The whole place is recognisable by the contrast between the horizontal floors (loft and gangway), the vertical monolites (the container for videos, the bottom of the window, banisters of the stairs), all painted with different and contrasting colours to evidentiate the basic unity of the elements.

Both the lighting and the technological elements used are visually simple and on show, in order to define a technical image which it’s clearly been studied and formally not too busy.

When you look at the shop from the street the impact is contradictory on purpose: the windows are fully transparents and that allows the viewers to perceive the whole space and they’re opposed to the door which is partially darkened by the logo, symbolising the choice of the customer to enter a defined space.
The interior design is all studied to allow an easy comprehension of what the product is and where to find it. Each of the singular modular element was thought to become part of a bigger and autonomous one, in order to become satellites when placed in other shops.