The studio was born with the intention of focusing on design and architectural projects from various angles, from the execution to the organisation and promotion of such projects.

From the very beginning our intention is to work in specific fields: Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Design.

All of the various project phases and creational processes are handled by our qualified team and divided into: feasibility project, hypothetical planning, engineering and the final execution phase.

Alongside the production of technical drawings, our Studio also delivers models and rendering as a support format in order to communicate the intention behind the projects in various visual dimensions.

In the last 15 years the Studio’s staff has been formed by a changing number of members, coming from different backgrounds, from self employed independent partners to young graduates and students. Each of them with a specific professional role and the latter two taking part in a rewarding learning experience. We pride ourselves on being a professionally flexible and open group, in which the division of roles is based on experiences and competencies. The communal vision of the end result of the “product / project” made it possible to maintain a professional collaboration after the time spent working in the studio.

Because of these values, in 1991our studio started first as a partnership in the so called “associati” studio and then, in 1998, Marco Marinoni (after 10 years of partnership) joined the new studio formation as a partner, becoming the operational figure in the studio and still is to this day.