Private House – Vignale Monferrato, Alessandria, 2015

Private residential building – New building
  • Ascenso-Pagani

The project foresees a newly built single family house structured according to the traditional tecniques of lower Monferrato. This new building is situated in a rural area below the hill of the historical centre of Vignale Monferrato

The house is presented in a simple linear shape according to the traditional character of the place. It is structured on two levels, taking advantage of the ground morphology to limitate the excavations.

From the south the building appears as a one floor building. The lower level is facing the landscape on the north-west and the swimming pool is on the east side. This floor hosts the technical rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom and the studio. A staircase leads to the upper floor where there is a living-kitchen area and another bedroom with a bathroom.

The orientation was determined according to the energy system in order to have the most favorable sun situation.

The roof geometry on the southern side has a wider captation surface to protect the glazed surfaces. The north side on the other hand does not have any projecting roof in order to get the maximum natural light.

The construction tecniques and the materials of the building were carefully chosen to maintain the traditional characteristics of the local architecture. The bricks facade, the stone elements with the rythmical presence of the traditional bricks and the sand coloured plaster are all typical elements in the local landscape.
The roof presents a glued-laminated wood structure, covered with solar panels on the southern side and with terracotta tiles on the northern side. The sheet-metal work is made of copper, treated to accelerate the ageing visual effect.