Anteo Palazzo del Cinema – Milano, 2016

Public Venue for Cultural Activities – Historical Building Conversion

The project is a comprehensive refurbishment of a large multi- functional public building located in via Milazzo 9 / piazza XXV aprile 8. The intervention includes the new space division between the cinema and the existing police station after the Manzoni School moved out from the complex.
The intervention on the police station includes a renewal of the offices and facility spaces with an optimization of the distribution layout.

The part of the building that hosts the cinema Anteo is underlined with a new external roof to remark the entrance, leading the users from the piazza to the cinema.
Particular attention was given to the entrance from the street level to the main entrance hall which becomes an exterior covered space.
Together with the projecting roof on via Milazzo a steel and glass bow window was realised. The rhythm of the structure is given by the existing building, remarking the frames of the windows with white aluminum frames. Only the central part of this suspended bow window touches the ground, where the users find the entrance of the literary cafè.
The internal distribution of the whole building was changed according to the new needs and safety requirements. Two new elevators are installed to let the users reach all the projection rooms on four different levels and five steel external staircases were installed.
The restaurant space on the ground floor was extended with a bar area in the basement. From there the users can reach a 15th century courtyard next to the S. Maria Incoronata complex. The second floor was completely reorganized, hosting the new offices of the Anteo, the on demand projection room and the first projection room in Italy in which the user can have dinner while watching the movie.
The third floor hosts the big projection room Astra (with the ATMOS sound system), two reading rooms, a lecture room and the nursery.

The Palazzo del Cinema consists of 9 traditional projection rooms, 1 restaurant projection room, 1 restaurant with the courtyard, 1 literary cafè, 2 reading rooms, 1 teaching room and 1 nursery.

Photo Fabrizio Zambelli & Ludovico Fossà