CityLife Anteo – Milano Shopping District, 2017

Public Venue for Cultural Activities – Historical Building Conversion
  • CityLife

The ambition of this project is to propose the Anteo format, developed in the years of collaboration between the Riccardo Rocco Architetto studio and Anteo, in a newly built mall in the Milan city centre.
The multiplex is part of the Citylife Shopping District designed by Zaha Hadid. All the seven projection rooms (a big one, five same size medium and a small one) face a distribution corridor.

This layout permits a rational use of the technical rooms and allows a single operator to manage all the projectors.
The ticket office and the welcoming bar are designed as part of the mall Hadid, in white and black to maintain the character of the other commercial activities. A bambu cladded stairs and an escalator (?) connect the mall spaces to the projection rooms area.
The distribution areas keep the materiality and the forms of the architecture of the mall: the curved geometry and the metal elements of the false ceilings, the concrete look floor and the red panels that support the information screens.

The projection rooms are organized in the more efficent way; the entrance is at the end of the room and the way out are under the screens, defining their sizes.
Maintaining the Anteo cinemas’ feeling with the wooden floor and the warm grey wallpapers, the materiality of the projection rooms is warm and domestic.
The “Milano” armchair in the projection rooms are the same designed for the Palazzo del Cinema.. to remind we are in an Anteo cinema; the wooden shell and the pied de poule fabric are a quote to the international design of the XX century.

The multiplex in numbers: 7 projection rooms, 1.184 seats, 2.924,00 square meters, 70 workers involved, 66 working days.

Photo Fabrizio Zambelli & Ludovico Fossà